Chef Cyndi Sterne’s Amazing Miso Glazed Sea Bass Recipe

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Atlanta Chef Cyndi Sterne of Yes! Chef Culinary Events sat down to talk to Simply Amazing Living about her slight addiction to Farmers and Fishermen Purveyors’ fresh fish and gives us her recipe for Miso Glazed Sea Bass. 

Chef Cyndi is a vibrant mix of chef, entrepreneur, and consummate hostess.  She creates cooking experiences worth craving.  Cyndi Sterne spearheaded Yes, Chef! Culinary Events into the Atlanta culinary conversation.  If anyone knows superior food quality when they see it, it is Chef Cyndi as she is meticulous about all of the ingredients and products she uses when it comes to cooking for clients and in her own home for her family.

Chef Cyndi Sterne's Miso Glazed Sea Bass Recipe using Farmers and Fishermen Fish

Farmers and Fishermen Purveyors’Fabulous Fish Box

Fresh is Best When it Comes to Fish

The majority of Farmers and Fishermen Purveyors fish are wild-caught from local fishermen with a passion for their trade. Their salmon, redfish, and tilapia are farmed with the best practices for the fish and the environment.

As an instructional chef, I have found I get the most questions about fish.  In the US, we consume about 16 pounds per capita, yet people still seem to be afraid to put it in the pan.  This is the first tip, start with really good fish.  If it’s fresh, from a reliable source, you don’t have to do much to it.  Lately, I have been slightly addicted to Farmers and Fishermen Purveyors.  I have found their quality and customer service is spectacular and I love that they have a next-day home delivery service gaurantee.

I hear a lot of people tell me they only order fish when they go out to a restaurant.  Since there isn’t a lot of that going on these days, I wanted to give you a six-ingredient, no-fail recipe that will make Blursday feel like Saturday night.

 –Chef Cyndi Sterne

Chef Cyndi Sterne's Amazing Miso Glazed Sea Bass Recipe

Cyndi Sterne’s Miso Glazed Sea Bass Recipe

Yield:  4-6
Total Prep Time: 
10 minutes


Types of Fish:

4-6 Farmers and Fishermen Sea Bass Filets (Sea Bass used in this demonstration but Salmon also works well!)


1/3 cup white miso (found in most grocery stores in the refrigerated area of the produce section)
1/3 cup mirin (rice wine)
1/3 cup sake
3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce
¼ cup brown sugar


Step 1:
Set your oven to broil, and place some foil on a sheet pan.

Step 2:
Whisk together all of the marinade ingredients.  Place the fish in a shallow dish and cover with the marinade.  Turn every 15 minutes for the next one to two hours.

Step 3:
Remove the fish from the marinade and broil for 5 minutes.  Look for a little brown on top.  Turn the fish, spoon on any leftover marinade, and broil the other side.  Farmer and Fishermen filets tend to be thicker than most, so you can broil all four sides for a beautiful brown caramelization.
Notes: The marinade will get sticky, and the foil will give you an easy cleanup.  You can achieve the same results in a hot pan on the cooktop, too. 

Step 4:
Serve with sticky rice and green beans sautéed with a little sesame oil.

Miso Glazed Sea Bass

Chef Cyndi Sterne's Amazing Miso Glazed Sea Bass Recipe

Chef Cyndi Sterne’s Miso Glazed Sea Bass

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