Game On: Big Game and Tailgating Cooking Classes

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[framed_image align=”left”]Big Game and Tailgaiting Cooking Classes[/framed_image]Come, lend us your imagination.

We’re about to take you to a land of hot wassail, burning leaf piles, lazy football Sundays and deer hunting at dawn.

We’re also about to take you to cooking classes.

But don’t worry, they still involve football and hunting. And beer.

So in the interest of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle this fall, say hello to Big Game and Tailgating Cooking Classes at Hal’s Kitchen, registering now for September.

To be clear, these are two separate classes. The first stresses the importance of proper tailgating procedure (read: thanks for trying out, Bubba Burgers). The second… let’s just say, if you find yourself in the middle of the Australian Outback with nothing but a set of Henckels and an emu, you’ll know what to do.

Upon your arrival at Yes, Chef! (it’s that shiny new cooking school in Sandy Springs), you’ll be greeted by Jessica and Cyndi, the lovely duo in charge. And after a quick rundown of the day’s itinerary, it’s off to the kitchen to ply your trade.

Should you go the tailgating route, you’ll learn the ins and outs of beer-braised sausage and bacon-and-fried-egg sliders. And for the big game class, expect anything from emu scallopini to wild boar medallions with a peppercorn cassis reduction.

Then expect to eat all of that stuff while you drink beer.

No risk, no reward.

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