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From all of us tonight THANK YOU. What a fantastic night you and Adam created! It was truly magical and made us realize we are such a fantastic cohesive group… Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to you all!

Brad - Sam - and the entire DELTA team!

Cyndi and her staff are absolutely amazing. They not only gave us an amazing evening of cooking and wine, but also a chance to relax and have fun while learning new cooking techniques. The food was absolutely amazing! We cooked South of the Border and I would highly recommend that to anyone. They were even able to adapt to the addition of a vegetarian to our group on the fly. If you haven’t tried this, this would be a fun family, or friends gathering. We had a bachelorette party and loved the endless wine 🙂 YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!

Loree Hazelrigg

Was invited to Yes, Chef! last night for a team building event. I was skeptical cooking with people I had just met but we had a great time. Cyndi and her team were very helpful.


Just wanted to say thank you for such a GREAT event last night. The food, staff and overall experience was so professional and fun. Our whole team loved it!! Thank you again for all you did for us! I will highly recommend you to anyone having an event in Atlanta. 🙂

Tracy Riedel

Executive Assistant at SDL

We had a team event at Yes, Chef! There were 16 of us, which I think is a pretty large group to all be in the kitchen at the same time! But I have to say, everything was so well orchestrated that it couldn’t have been more perfect. We started out with appetizers and taste-testing games that were hilarious fun. Then moved into teams to do the cooking. Yes, Chef!’s team was right there in the middle with us to make sure we didn’t burn the beef tenderloin or scald the potatoes. While they did the finishing touches on the meals, we played a couple more games. The meal was served and it was over the top delicious – I’m sure not particularly due to our cooking capabilities. Top quality experience from start to finish.

Cindi Smith

Yes, Chef! was, hands down, the best team building event that I have ever been a part of. It was the only event on our post-summit survey that consistently received a rating of 10/10. Cyndi and her team were incredibly accommodating during the planning phase and went above and beyond to ensure that the event was customized to meet our specific needs. The event itself was loads of fun and the steakhouse menu was terrific! I would highly recommend Yes, Chef! to anyone who is looking to build camaraderie and esprit-de-corps! We’ll definitely be back to try our hand at one of the other menus. Thanks for a great time, Cyndi!

Khoi Trinh

This place is awesome. Cyndi and her team were extremely accommodating, and both the food and wine were phenomenal. We had a team building event for work and it was the kind of thing that will get brought up in conversation for a long time to come. Thanks to Cyndi and everyone else at Yes, Chef!

Todd Giacometti

The staff was extremely pleasant, fun and accommodating! The food was fantastic and easy to prepare. Definitely a great experience.


Cyndi, Last night was AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort-we all had a great time!! Nothing like hitting this out of the ballpark the first time going! This will be a hard event to beat. I’ll tell everyone I know for sure!!! Thanks again!


HR Manager

On behalf of everyone at NRS Media, I would like to thank you again for the wonderful evening you hosted for us. I’ve been planning events for NRS for the past ten years, and it’s rare to find one that appeals to everyone. Yes, Chef! Challenge was the perfect combination of competition and great fun. Your organization, your team of chefs, and the food were all outstanding!I plan to recommend you to anyone looking for a fun team-building event. Thanks so much!

Evelyn G.

For a really terrific evening. Our table was full of nice interesting people, the food was delicious, the wine perfect ( and plentiful) and the cooking so much fun. But Cyndi, it was your wonderful skill as a chef and your fantastic personality that made the evening complete. You made Brian’s Christmas a home run. Glenn and I had such a great time. And please thank your staff for working hard to insure that we had such a great evening.

Donald Fritts

I planned a group event for senior managers within Pepsi. Cyndi worked with me to add a few Pepsi products to the cooking event. We had managers in from around the US and Latin America. A great time was had by all. Everyone loved it. The food was exceptional. Great fellowship, lots of great wine. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it help make the meetings we had very successful. Highly recommend.. 5 stars.

Jeffrey B.

My daughter had a FABULOUS time. She is still talking about it. I think I have a budding chef!

Andrea Alexander

Birthday Party Parent

So delicious! We cannot wait to come back and take another class! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful date night. We had no idea when we signed up for the class how much fun it was going to be. You guys are great!

Amy Goldstone

Cyndi taught me how to cook, and more importantly, gave me the confidence I needed!

Stacey Gershman

Cyndi’s skill and enthusiasm taught me to find my inner chef!

Pam Jones

The recipes looked a little complicated on paper, but because we did them hands on, they were really much easier than they looked.


Hi Cyndi, I had to let you know I was invited to bring a dessert to a seder and I immediately thought of the honey cake you made with us. If you hadn’t shown us that, I would be clueless and panicking right now. I’m so glad I watched you make it as I know it will turn out great. Thanks again!


We loved our chef! She was so much fun and very informative.


My husband and I had the best time!